Take into account user needs in the construction of your industrial building

Companies are concerned about the working conditions of their employees and compliance with this data, for the construction of your industrial building, generates savings which are induced by respect for health at work.

In what context is the Mericom Archi team associated with business projects?

The first request relates, generally, to an improvement of workspaces, the first obvious response to which is given by this need to construct one or more new buildings with regard to old buildings which turn out to be less and less adapted to the requirements of work, safety and well-being.

In order to go further than this initial request, we analyze, in agreement with the company manager, the current working conditions (before the project) of the operators present on the site in order to meet the needs by proposing possible improvements to set up as well as the conditions for their implementation in the project of the future premises.

Thinking about ergonomics in the reflection prior to the construction of an industrial building makes it easier to take into account the needs felt in the field and makes it possible to offer one or more answers during the design of workspaces which are, let us remember, always living spaces.

As part of this approach, Mericom Archi always works in close collaboration with those responsible for the occupational risk prevention policy of the company carrying the project.

Integrating health issues into the workplace is always of economic interest for companies that act responsibly. Companies applying this approach still see a reduction in the direct or indirect costs associated with absenteeism in all its forms. In fact, work stoppages entail costs incurred by the replacement of the person in post, by the training of the replacement person and by the loss of productivity created during the transition period.

The ergonomics of the workplaces, designed upstream of an industrial building construction project, allows the results (recommendations) of the investigations carried out as part of the observations and interviews carried out in situ during the preliminary investigations to be taken into account. the design of future workspaces and the project.

User involvement is always an important factor in the success of the project because it leads to a participatory and responsible approach for all teams in developing the transformation of workspaces. These comings and goings between the employees / workers / staff of companies and the architectural project design team is a real added value in the end for the company carrying the project to create new premises.

Indeed, this respect for the formulation of needs and the resulting transparency of the process provide:

  • Taking into account the concerns and questions of operators inherent in any change in operating mode
  • Recognition of the added value and know-how of operators in the field.
  • Massive support from the teams who thus take ownership of the project.

This appropriation is a fundamental factor of success in the implementation of the changes induced by the construction of your industrial premises.

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