Our services

Our architectural practice, with its  head office in Nantes, works with individuals and professionals on their construction projects, this throughout the  Grand Ouest of France (Bretagne, Basse Normandie, Pays de Loire, and beyond)

Our skills, creativity, and long experience in managing the actual construction, are at your service from the beginning to completion of your project.

Our expertise, both responsiveness and availability, guarantee that your budget, deadlines and wishes (from the simplest to the most audacious) are continuously respected.

we will accompany you through all the steps involved in realising your project. Together we will create the story of your project, from its first sketch to its construction, and beyond...

We work together, always, and together we make your desires a reality!

We carry out the feasibility studies of your projects:

1. Studies: understanding and matching your project with urban planning regulations (PLU - Local Urban Planning Scheme, PPR - Risk Prevention Plan, ABF Zone - Architect of the Buildings of France... and more). We study and decipher those essential rules that govern your rights and obligations for the construction of an individual house or building,.

2. Survey and inventory of buildings to be developed or refurbished for use.

3. Costing of your project, and matching it to your budget.

4. Provision of documents to finance your construction projects as required by your banks and financial institutions...

5. Filing of requisite documents to the regulatory platforms (building permits, prior declarations, etc.).

6. We analyse the PMR 👩 (Person with Reduced Mobility) adaptability of your building.


For your condominium, we carry out the General Technical Diagnosis (DTG) of your building in agreement with your condominium manager.

For your association, your administration, your company (taking into consideration the ergonomics of your workstations and the employees) we monitor the program so that you make the right choices.

We work in an agile (flexible and adaptable) way at all stages of your construction project, from the formulation of your choices to any adjustments required to realise your wishes.

Together, and a good pair of boots, let's walk the muddy ground and carry out a study of the landscape !




Your architectural practice draws up sketches of your project using our creative process, step by step together .

You will be present at every stage of the creative process.

Everything is done with your approval, according to your budget, with your wishes

Our entire team of architects is at your disposal, this to build your home, industrial building, college, high school, offices...

Even that tree house 🌳 that you've always dreamed of! Yes, dare to dream!.

The team dedicated to your construction project will accompany you through all the steps, at every stage, we give you a clear visualisation of your ideas and desires thanks to synthesized images, as many as necessary, be it plans or sketches. And of course meetings, all for a better understanding that leads  to the  final realization

We draw by hand and with the latest CAD software (computer aided design) 💻.

We build the BIM model of your company ...


There will be a constant back and forth between your project and your budget, allowing you to keep your finances under control. 💰



As with the best design offices, we carry out thermal studies, lighting studies, structural studies (seismic), landscape studies, water management studies (sanitation, hydrological, etc.) for your project.

We carry out the PMR (Person with Reduced Mobility) adaptability of your building.

We select construction companies with the best craftsmen, for you and with you... Your brother-in-law is an electrician? No problem 😉 He's part of the loop, all is transparent .

Your project can be adapted to all types of construction, wood, straw, raw earth; thanks to the craftsmanship within our our team, we cover all areas of the art of building (some of the Mericom Archi team of architects have been practicing craftsmen for years before coordinating projects).

We organise  the visits and coordination at your building site, the piloting (mission OPC, Ordonnancement et Pilotage de Chantier).

We organise the final reception of your building, its cleaning before handing over the keys … we even fill your fridge 🥂 if needed!

Architect in Nantes

A project, a desire ?

Mericom archi is a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and
construction professionals, who readily adapt their know-how to meet the
requirements of your project. We operate throughout the Western France.