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Mericom archi is a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and construction professionals, who readily adapt their know-how to meet the requirements of your project. We operate throughout the Western France.


Your construction project should be a wonderful journey, it will pass through the worlds that fascinate us at Mericom archi. We will walk with you through all stages of your journey, the choice of land, the conception of your project, clarifying price and financing, the adherence to agreed timeframes, and finally the follow-up after completion. We will be there, alongside you, throughout the evolution of your project through to reality.


At every stage of your project Mericom archi is there with you and will accompany you, listen to you and support you throughout the construction of your house, industrial building, second home, or renovation.... This is a time when you need attention, to be heard, to be sure that we are listening; you can be sure that our team at Mericom archi will listen.

Are you planning to have new offices built, to adapt your building to PMR (People with Reduced Mobility) standards, or to have your project built to a strict time frame, all of this according to statutory regulations and specifications?


We will help your company draw up the programme, and will ensure that your project is in line with the development of your company... 


As your architect we accompany you throughout, over the months and years, it is a partnership. Your Mericom archi team is there with you.

Perhaps you are looking for land ? Mericom archi can help you find a plot, or we can help adapt your land for construction. To optimize the location of your house or industrial building project, we carry out a personalised feasibility study of your intentions, and your particular requirements.


To build with confidence, you require the best financing? It is your right and Mericom archi is there with you, we accompany you throughout the financing cycle. This applying as much to an individual house as to your industrial building; we then partner with you give clear control your budget.

Building is respecting the given word

The armchair inherited from the grandfather must be highlighted in the living room, a sort of family relic to be considered at its true value.

The children's drawings magnetised on the door of the American fridge because the youngest has a real gift. 

The football rolling down the stairs like crazy every night because he is going to be late for practice.

The silence of the breathing of a sleeping new-born baby because you have to know how to respect the essential.

The Persian rug offered by your aunt (and maybe bought at Ikea) which you must absolutely find a place near the fireplace, unless it is near the wood stove.

Yes, you start very early in the morning and you must not wake up the children when you drink your first coffee in the kitchen, watching the Ginkgo Biloba grow next to the terrace!

In the family room, the big, noisy people are entitled to watch the XV of France without being afraid to put 4 cheese pizza everywhere and the cat has again scratched the sofa...

The wooden cabin at the back of the garden because we have always dreamed of settling in Ontario.

And also...

To you who are responsible for your company and its team, there is this compelling need to meet the given deadline and budget.

Workstation ergonomics are essential and we are going to spend time with you in the workshop, without fear of getting our hands dirty since that is also building: getting involved.

This program that you have trouble putting in place, we help you to express and formalize it.

This turnover that you must not lose, we are involved.


And of course...


As Mayor of your town or principal of your high school, the communication that you must put in place with your constituents or parents of students, we give you the tools, thanks to our communication platform.

Virtual reality will help you understand and help buildings evolve, building is an evolution, an understanding, a will that is built step by step, serenely, we know how to take your hand to move forward.

The deadlines you set for us, that we understand and respect contractually.

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A project, a desire ?

Mericom archi is a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and
construction professionals, who readily adapt their know-how to meet the
requirements of your project. We operate throughout the Western France.