Would dividing your plot give you more control of Elliot (woof …)!

You're the happy owner of a wonderful house, surrounded by a generous plot of land; yet your weekends are all about mowing the grass (aren’t weekends for sleeping!).

Life being what it is, a little nest egg wouldn't go amiss🤑…

  • “H’mmmm … what if we divided the land to sell it?”
  • “Oh no, no - no way are we losing Eliot’s (woof …) favourite playground!”


Before depriving Eliot of anything (woof 🐶), remember, dividing your land will allow you to release capital, and you’ll waste far less time mowing

But beware, for a guarantee of success, it is best to work with seasoned professionals. 


Uh Oh!

Before sharing that lovely cash, or making a donation to your favourite charity, you have got to make sure that the land you want to sell is suitable for building... Yes?
If not, it's only worth the price of agricultural land, which is far less than you thought it could be! 


Just because your house is built next to grandma’s garden, where she grows her leeks for that famed Sunday lunchtime soup (we are in France … ), it doesn't mean that her vegetable garden can be built on. No No No…to access the easy money you'll have to go to the town hall, or stick your head in front of your computer screen, once again; this to consult the town planning regulations of your favourite village.


Behind the usual barbaric French acronyms, PLU, RNU, POS, PPRI etc ... are hidden the regulations that trouble your dream (or not) of lots of cash from the sale of Eliot’s (woof …) favourite playground.


Depriving your favourite animal of his raison d'être cannot be done without effort on your part.

  • but watch out, traps lurk ahead, and they are in French!
  • “What?”
  • Your learned reading of town planning law (you can …?) won't be enough!
  • “No?”
  • oh no, that would be far too simple...


Did you know that private law can be added to a planning regulation? put plainly 🕯, just because you have expertise in town planning law it doesn't mean that you are competent in private law...


Ah hah! You knew that it would not be simple… didn’t you (… reminder, we are in France) 

And then of course there may be a subdivision regulation lying around somewhere in the filing cabinets, best to check that out... 

And to set the tone 🎸... 

Don't forget that you have to deal with your irascible neighbour ...

note: subdivision regulations are valid for 10 years (and don't forget to agree on the date of closure for the subdivision).


OK … Ready? 🏃♀️

Let’s Go...
as we said, the easiest way is to call on practiced professionals. They will be able to divide the land, assign ‘numéros de cadastre’ to the new plots, cover the paperwork with the organisations, even advise you on the best way to negotiate with your neighbours (think of inviting them for the summer BBQ 😎 … agreeing to enlarge the plot for sale could make you both happy).


Don't forget to tell them about granny's well (the one in ‘le potager de poireaux’), that service pipe (it does go through the middle of the plot, right?) and not forgetting the right of way you gave to the farmer at the end 🚜 of the meadow.

Before selling you will certainly have to create an easement (at the notary's office) should you still want to fetch your organic farm-fresh milk, by going over the back fence (the long way around? … the choice is yours)


Don't forget to ask your favourite architects (ps: that’s us😀) to make a few sketches, for instance, is it better to put the rear access passage on the right or on the left... And, nothing prevents you from selling the land with a building permit (made with us) which allows you to control what is going to be done around the well (or whatever ingenious ideas that you suddenly have at the time of the sale?).


  • “What?”
  • Oh yes, you'll have to pay capital gains tax to your... well, you know... that government office that you’re always paying taxes to... That is unless you have the possible good sense to sell your main residence🏡 at the same time …

and so, before you jump, weigh the pros and cons carefully, is Elliot (woof …) still living at the neighbours?), then tell yourself that life in the city is more lucrative than in the country; isn’t it obvious.. yes? …

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