Launching a real estate project

Finally … you are getting started on that real estate project 🏰 …
Let’s get it on!

It’s what you've always dreamed of, yet never dared to… …!

“Huh … what’s that?”

It’s that real estate project thing that you've been talking about for years...

“Uh! ... Oh! … H’mmm … , It’s time to take Eliot (woof … ) for his walk”.


Let’s be honest … walking 🐶 is, for sure, beneficial for the brain and we know that it’s oft slow to start thinking, but let’s not overheat...... 😎 A bit of fresh air never does any harm, once around the block ... Breathe, and then we get going!


Do you feel like it now, or what?

“Well... Yes …"

So what are we waiting for?


Oh Yes! The wind speed, the economic situation and of course property price are all to be taken into account, but there is also a hard learned principle, very simple, that applies to any property project: it is the rule of three 📐.


This is to be followed without question: ‘location, Location, LOCATION ⛳️.’


And you’ll need inner desire ... we can go for it if you feel like it
(or you could try aquaculture 🐠 it’s not that bad for you)


If you have in mind the construction of a small ‘cave' to enjoy alone, something bigger with family or friends, something new or renovated … but being honest, you don't really know how to go about it, so best we talk about it!


“Talk about it!”


It's better to talk to real pros if you don't want it to go to the dogs... the road to hell is paved with good intention, you know that… and often it is those small mistakes... (who said that …?)


So … let’s have a positive attitude 😀 (whatever the circumstance) :


And remember …
‘Thou shalt not forget to have the posting of your building permit noted by a bailiff.’
(yes …yes… ‘it’s France, it’s different’)

“Oh no! It'll cost me an arm and a leg, again…"

Tut TutTut 🛎... It's a small saving and it can save us a wheelbarrow of stress 🛒
(you love living in France, so stop whimpering … oh, that’s Eliot (woof), out you go)

And … there is always an ‘and’ in France

Ah yes! We will also need a preventive summary judgment to avoid the neighbours ‘sticking us into the cracks of their living room’…
(yes, that’s French … but it really gets to the point)

so …who do you have to contact for something like that….🧐


Seriously, and as you can see, desire is not enough...
You need to know how to surround yourself with real professionals...
As always, The Mericom Archi team is here for you, and ready to work with you!


PS: Don't forget to bring Eliot (woof), Mericom Archi is animal friendly 🦦 !

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