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A house between land and sea

Facing the sea, the land behind, between the elements

Backing onto the beach, this holiday home, under the direction of the Merisim team from Mericom Archi, has fun blurring the lines. By appearing to be a country house on the south side, yet on the north side, the building is like a boat, with gangways connecting pontoons. Immediate boarding for this cruise between water and sky, sand and land, between country-house and beach house. This is Noirmoutier.

A simple blue wooden gate opens onto a charming “jardin sauvage”; planted with an astonishing variety of species, on the south side of the stone façade. Unruly plants mixed into flowering borders soften and fade when fronting the round mosaic table. A polished stone tub and the barbecue invite you out in the countryside, an array of windows gives you a glimpse of the red-winged kitesurfer screeching across the ocean, wave to wave

Sea or countryside? Sand or land? Where are its landmarks?

A repurposed wooden gangway spans a particularly exuberant piece of garden, linking the two worlds of the house: the panoramic aspect of the sea and ... ...
Zoom onto the vegetable terrace.

Large zinc tubs, resplendent with courgettes, tomatoes and salads, rest languid on a bed of brown earth. Connected to the earth while looking out to sea … … words fail these moments of such bucolic ocean happiness.

And here the rascally vegetable garden turns onto a gangway heading north, unveiling the hidden maritime frontage of the seaside dwelling. The mainsail is hoisted, the adventurous mood stirs the terrace with its alluring fragrance, one of adventure. When the desire to laze leads to the small private beach and its wooden pontoon we discover intimate sunbathing, nostrils pricked by a sea breeze, ears transfixed by a gentle surf, total well-being.

Let's go into the heart of this architect designed house, into the kitchen. As we enter we are gladdened by open view of its amiable spaces, and in the background, always the sea. It is so unexpected, raspberry red kitchen elements shake it up making the stainless steel vibrate, and it creates an original yet cheerful kitchen.
In the centre, the imposing cook’s zone is extended by a white marble worktop firing the culinary imagination, it makes you want to sit down to eat. The coppery patina of the old floor tiles accentuate the warm country character of the house, while the whitewashed walls play with time and the always changing coastal light. Circulation is fluid, designed in a spirit of balance and good living.

Twin arches add softness and roundness to the space. A happy family by Botero hangs above the kindergarten chest of drawers, the reassuring impression of a nest, this is what happens when you have your house designed and built by Merisim's architects...

Next to the granite fireplace, the ripe raspberry sofa is generously shaped echoeing the kitchen, allowing a meditative muse whilst pondering the sea; The bay window is framed by white enclaves in the white wall, this is the library, hiding nothing, carrying the favourite authors of this family.

Exposed beams and straw hats offer up a pastoral psalm. The office, with its cabin like atmosphere, is sparingly equipped with a marine desk, a compass, a worldmap, and a barometer. It opens onto three cardinal points and so inspires the desire to escape.

Six steps up, in blue toile-de-Jouy, the master bedroom evokes country desires yet with its tones set in the blues of the sea, while its bathroom rests imposing in earthy Mediterranean tones. The Italian shower tray in burnt Sienna concrete and blue, with earthy and red-ochre Moroccan tiles carries memories of bathing in moorish splendor. An art deco vanity unit sits next to the bath, ready to erase any storm warnings.

Downstairs, the children's bedrooms are whitewashed and furnished using natural wood. In the shower room, the petite yet striking, translucent glass-tiles evoke a jar of Carpentas bon-bons.

Everything is built with ecological materials, from the hemp insulation to the handtrowelled plaster, such that the artisan’s craft throughout this house shows a great respect for nature, to which we are so indebted.

Finally, tastes and fancies collide with a joyfully casual air, the house escapes the of too polished appearance of a simple decor.

Indeed, the spirit of a family home does prevail, a success for the creation and construction of this architect's house.

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